8 Popular Trends in Custom Homes for 2022 

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When you find yourself interested in a custom home, it is important (and rather helpful) to consider current home building trends. Modern-day custom home trends just might be the answer to what exactly you’re looking for in a home. You might find yourself interested in eco-friendly designs or smart home features. Whatever it may be, you don’t want to miss out. We put together this list of the top custom home trends of 2022 to get your imagination going! 

Beautiful Transitions into Outdoor Living Spaces 

To better experience the great outdoors from the comfort of one’s home, custom builds are being designed to provide entertainment from any room within a house. Kitchens are now being built with pathways that lead to an outdoor patio and dining rooms. This is perfect for those who enjoy looking outside and enjoying a landscaped garden, laden with plants and much more. Because more homeowners are looking to enjoy more outdoor living, they are also customizing their backyard patios to make them feel like they live right next to a tropical paradise!

Smart Home Features 

This trend has been popular for quite some time now and homebuilders don’t expect to see it dying out anytime soon. This trend goes far beyond the average security and home intercom system. Homebuilders are seeing more automation spanning from floors to ceilings. Homebuyers are looking for more control over specific features such as windows, smart thermostats, cameras, lighting, music, and much more. Above all, many homebuyers are looking for highly-advanced technology to help them feel safe in their homes. 

High, Dramatic Ceilings 

High ceilings do a great job at making a space feel bigger than it actually is. But people are now aiming to do more with these high ceilings. Homeowners are using their ceilings as a centerpiece. Some popular examples include barrel ceilings, coffered ceilings, and tray ceilings, which are all successful in drawing attention upward. The look has become widely popular because it coordinates with almost any kind of interior design. 

Lots of Light 

The popularity in the abundance of light has been on the rise since 2020 and is very well making its way into 2022. More and more homebuyers are requesting oversized windows, skylights, and even glass cabinetry. Glass cabinetry helps reflect light coming in, making a space feel atmospheric and light. In addition to glass cabinetry, homeowners are also embracing the idea of French doors and sliding glass doors to welcome guests and family in their homes to a bright space. 

Use of Natural Materials 

To make a home feel cozy, all you have to do is bring more natural elements into the picture, and that’s yet another trend we’re starting to see for this year. To bring nature and sophistication together, homeowners are requesting more use of wood, stone, and quarts in earth tones and soft hues as opposed to darker or bold materials. Even focal points in many custom homes are being redesigned to use more natural elements such as stone rather than the popular materials of brickwork or tile. 

More Open Floors and Space 

Open floors and spaces are more popular than ever before, but that doesn’t eliminate the desire for more defined spaces such as study and workspaces. This trend is about combining open flooring and defined spaces. This trend is credited with being influenced by the living conditions of 2020 when people were spending more time in their homes. Homebuyers are looking for open floors and space while wanting the ambiance that a workspace offers. 

Home Offices, Studies 

Home offices have long been a part of American homes, but just like we briefly mentioned, the living conditions of today require more than one quiet work-study. Modern-day floor plans are looking at more than one office. These offices are separated into two spaces, a room for adults, another for kids, which can act as an entertainment room. Of course, there are variations to these offices and studies, but they are definitely being seen by home builders everywhere. 

More Curvature 

This modern chic style of interior design is being favored widely across the country. This trend reinvents interior design from European and Victorian styles of the past. The focus of this modern-day trend is to provide simple lines and edges with a contemporary accent. Rather than sharp, sudden edges, homebuilders are implementing more curves to play off each other. For example, some custom homes feature curved barrel ceilings to blend with straight edge doorways, softened by arched windows and doors. 

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