Investment Opportunities: New Properties with High ROI Potential

A street of houses in an El Paso neighborhood.

Investing in new properties in El Paso offers opportunities for high return on investment (ROI). With the involvement of custom home builders and the increasing popularity of Energy Star-certified homes, new properties are more appealing and profitable than ever. If you’re looking for a reliable home builder for your next investment property, look no further […]

7 Home Trends for 2023

A modern living room with a black wall in El Paso.

A key to creating luxury homes is staying up-to-date on the latest interior design trends. At Palo Verde, we understand the importance of building a dream home. Together, we can bring that vision to life with this list of the top seven home trends of 2023.  Get inspired and call (915) 584-9090 to find the […]

10 Unique Must-Haves For Your El Paso Custom Home

When looking into custom homes, there are no boundaries. Custom homes are perfect for putting your home interior and exterior design ideas to the test! You know that luxurious, sophisticated home office you always dreamt of? What about that home-speaker system? There is so much you can do when investing in a custom home! After […]

Small Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Here at Palo Verde Homes, we believe that there is no need to sacrifice the health of the environment for pleasant living. Taking care of our mother earth is very important and we do our best to make all of our homes the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient as they can be. In fact, we have […]

Before You Build: 5 Steps to Follow

Building a new home begins long before the foundation is poured. To avoid costly mistakes during the construction process, start with these five important steps. As you move from your dream house to your real house, be sure to ask questions and share your progress. 1. Plan Your Budget Begin now to think about how […]

The Many Benefits of Custom Homes

Custom homes provide substantial benefits to builders and future homeowners. With a custom home, you get to make sure that there is no wasted space. Every room can be designed with your needs and the needs of your family in mind. You can avoid having rooms you won’t use. You can also make sure that […]

Custom Homes vs Newly Built Homes — Which Would You Prefer?

In your search to buy a new home in El Paso, you may want to consider the difference between custom homes and newly built homes. While they may seem similar, they have individual advantages. Here at Palo Verde Homes, we want you to be able to make the right choice for your next home. In order to enjoy […]

Are You Looking for Unique New Homes?

Thanks to Palo Verde Homes, there is an abundance of wonderful new homes in El Paso. Filled with quality work and patience befit of professionals, Palo Verde works hard to provide all their clients with unique homes and properties.  You will have an extremely versatile and expansive list of choices to choose from. Within our […]

What Makes Custom Homes Unique for Homebuyers

Are you looking for someone who constructs custom homes in El Paso? El Paso is a diverse community with plenty of homes across the city, but when you want a home that really conforms to your vision, then choosing a custom home builder from Palo Verde Homes is the best choice. Custom homes are unique […]

New Houses Have Style & Unique Features

When considering popular new houses in El Paso during this new year, it is important to keep in mind that custom homes are created to fit your image. Specifically, modern styles and textured roofs are particularly popular- for their efficiency and reliability.  Furthermore, they give off a sense of class and elegance compared to other, […]