Energy Star & Your Home: Benefits of Energy Efficiency

Too often in the world of custom homes, glitz and glamour win out over safety, performance, and efficiency. While this may seem like a good thing in the short term, it can cost thousands of dollars in increased maintenance and energy costs in the long term. This is why our team puts such importance on EnergyStar ratings in our home. 

In our latest blog, we take a deep dive into the science and importance of EnergyStar ratings and energy efficiency. 

Measuring Efficiency With The H.E.R.S. Index

The Home Energy Rating System (H.E.R.S.) Index is a simple index used to measure the overall efficiency of a home and its internal systems. The scale goes from 0 to 150, with 0 being a 100% energy-efficient home and 150 being a maximally inefficient home. 100% efficient homes sadly don’t exist, so most homes tend to be anywhere from 70 to 130 on the scale. Since homes tend to rise on the scale as time passes, 

Effective Insulation

Quality insulation is integral to having a home that is energy-efficient. The reason for this is because insulation is what keeps your warm or cold air in the home, reducing the energy needed to sustain a temperature. Without insulation, your home would quickly take on the temperature of the outside world. EnergyStar homes benefit from top-notch insulation to reduce energy expenditure and increase comfort. 

Tight Construction and Ducts 

Another incredibly important aspect of the EnergyStar construction process is tight construction and tight ductwork. Air tends to want to find an equilibrium, so the construction needs to be tight, otherwise it will leak. This leakage means more energy is needed to keep a home at the optimal temperature. EnergyStar homes are built using methods for tight construction and ducts to alleviate this energy loss. 

Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling

One of the biggest energy-usage devices in your home or business is your HVAC system. This marvel of engineering produces the toasty or cool air that keeps us comfy, but it can take a great deal of energy to operate. The HVAC systems we use for our homes are designed to be both efficient and effective. 

High-Quality Windows 

An oft-forgotten part of our homes are the windows, which play a monumental role in the energy-efficiency and overall ambiance of a home. Too often, homeowners will settle for subpar windows, which can be good in the short-term but may lose efficiency and quality quickly. Our Palo Verde homes use high-quality windows that are designed 

Proven Products 

EnergyStar products have a proven track record of success, making them a standard in both North America and often around the globe. 

3rd Party Verification 

One underrated part of EnergyStar is that these homes have access to some of the best equipment we have. In addition, these homes have access to 3rd party verification offered by an EPA-recognized certification body. This ensures that all of the EnergyStar products we used will truly do what they are designed to do. 

More Benefits 

Investment Value 

On top of the tangible benefits for those living in the home, these homes also have increased investment and resale value. 

Better Performance 

Overall, Energy Star homes have better performance than comparable homes, both in the short-term and in the long-term. This performance makes homes more enjoyable to live in, as well as more valuable when up for sale. 

Environmental Protection 

One of the absolute most important benefits of an EnergyStar home is the environmental protection they offer. These homes and appliances are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment in an age where the health of the environment is a top global priority.

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