How to Find an Affordable Home in El Paso

A young couple carrying boxes into their new affordable home in El Paso.

In this day and age, it can seem nearly impossible to find affordable housing in the United States. But luckily for residents of El Paso, this Texas city is listed as one of the most affordable cities in the US when it comes to housing costs. With the help of Palo Verde Homes, finding an affordable home in El Paso may be easier than you think!

Look into Alternative Areas

For most people, finding the home of their dreams in El Paso usually entails looking into popular neighborhoods like Castner Heights or Mountain View, but these areas may not always be the most affordable. For budget-conscious buyers, checking out homes in surrounding neighborhoods, suburbs, or even less popular areas can help save a pretty penny while getting one step closer to finding the home of your dreams! 

Check Out Surrounding Neighborhoods

While some homeowners may have their hearts set on living in a certain neighborhood or part of the city, it can often be worthwhile to check out nearby areas. Oftentimes, housing costs in less popular neighborhoods can be nearly half the price of housing in the most desirable areas and may only be a few short miles away! Budget-conscious buyers are encouraged to check out surrounding neighborhoods to enjoy lower prices while still reaping many of the same benefits. 

Don’t Fear the Suburbs!

When we think of the suburbs, we normally think of the family of four with a white picket fence and a Golden Retriever in the front yard, right? WRONG! While this family dynamic is certainly still a reality in the suburbs, many young professionals are also trading out the high stress and high prices of city living for a more relaxed lifestyle and lower prices in the suburbs. Young adults moving into homes in the suburbs can enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

  • Reduced cost of living
  • More living space
  • Access to outdoor spaces, yards, and gardens
  • Increased safety
  • Community involvement

Consider Up and Coming Areas

When it comes to finding new homes in the El Paso area, checking out neighborhoods under renovation can be a great way to find affordable housing options for newly constructed properties. Although many of these neighborhoods often have a reputation of being less safe, this is rarely the case, and these areas can actually offer a variety of positive benefits, including increased home value over time, fewer home repairs for new construction, and more.

Start Small, Think Big

We all know that saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” and this can certainly be true when it comes to new homes in the El Paso area. While many homeowners in the El Paso area either have families and children, other young professionals or couples may not need as much space. When it comes to finding an affordable home, checking out small homes in your budget can be a great investment or starter home. By starting out small, new homeowners can save money for home renovations or upgrades in the future.

Find a Reliable Roommate

While most first-time homeowners are excited about finally getting a place all to themselves that they can call their own, having a roommate can literally cut housing costs in half, making it possible for new homeowners to have more money left over for activities, travel, home improvements, and more.

Affordable Homes in El Paso

If you’re ready to start looking for your dream home in El Paso, Texas, Palo Verde Homes is ready to help make the dream a reality. Contact us today to learn more about finding a dream home that’s perfect for any budget!

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