Questions to Ask Builders You Want to Hire

a custom built palo verde home built by professional buildersWhen looking for builders to work on a project, it can be hard to decide who to hire. You may have found some builders who have good reviews and recommendations. But now that you must pick one, what do you ask? Palo Verde Homes has an experienced team that is ready to serve you. There are several things to ask, but two big things to check are the company’s licenses and their experience. Depending on the answers, you’ll be able to make make the best decision possible.

Check their Builders Licenses

The first thing to ask any builder is if they have all their licenses up to date. They must work with the city in regards to home building and other land work. A license to work is very important for a building company to have. Now, let’s talk about permits. Without building permits, you find that the addition you added to your house is not legal, or that the fence you wanted up cannot be there, or that the lawn improvement you made could not have so many feet of concrete, for example.

If the builder doesn not have the correct permits, you may find yourself in a difficult legal situation. Permits are only given to plans that pass all safety and zoning codes. This is why you are not allowed to build without them. In a way, it is an extra check on the safety of those building the home too.

Experience in the Field

Before hiring your team, you need to know and verify their past experience. The way to do this is to first ask how long they have been working. Make sure that you follow that up with how long they have worked in the area. This is important because each area has different land needs. What works for one area may not work for another. You will want to have a team that has at least five or more years’ experience building. In addition, you will want at least three of those years working in the area. After you have gotten answers that satisfy these requirements. You will want to verify the info. You can do this by doing a quick google search. If you cannot find them, or the info you find does not match. Then you know not to hire the builders.

Choose Palo Verde Homes, Today!

Trying to choose builders can be stressful. Whether you are struggling to find builders or pick from several recommendations. Having some questions to ask always helps.  Palo Verde Homes has quality builders to work for you. Remember to ask for proof of the builders licenses, this will help avoid legal issues later. Then it is a good idea to ask about experience. After you have their answers, then verify their answers later. Doing this will help you avoid trouble, and make a good decision.


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