Real Estate 2022 Trends Every Home Buyer and Seller Needs to Know

The previous year was rather unpredictable and eventful for those who were involved in real estate. Because of the housing market climate of 2021, many people are left wondering whether 2022 will be a better year or if home values and prices will continue to skyrocket. We discuss the trends for you to keep an […]

Centuries in the Making: The Glory of the Modern Kitchen

Homebuilders are survivors. We are bred to adapt, transform, and move forward with the wisdom of the past and a vision for the future. So despite the hurdles facing housebuilders today, we continue to do the work we love of building homes for people to thrive in and cherish.  Our central mission at Palo Verde […]

El Paso, Texas: The Best Place to Raise a Family!

Whether you’ve been stationed to work at the army base or have received a job offer in the southwestern city, you don’t have to think twice about moving to El Paso, Texas. The far west city is known for providing couples and families with the perfect opportunity to balance their social life, work obligations, and […]

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time Indoors

Now that we’re all spending more time indoors, it may feel as if there isn’t much to do. Whether you consider yourself an introvert (you’re relishing in the quarantine) or you’re more of an extrovert (you’re longing to see your friends or to go out for a drink at your usual haunt), we can all […]

American Homes Through the Ages: A Look at Home Architecture of Past and Present

There are entire stories of American history embedded in the homes leftover from decades past, many of these stories tell important truths about our culture, the lives we’ve lived, and how we’ve progressed as a nation. As a homeowner, your home is part of the legacy of the American Dream. After all, that Dream, as […]

Unique Market Trends and Popular Choices for Homeowners

So you’re looking to buy a home? Your first home? Second? Third? We got just the right floor plan.  If you are a first-time homeowner the process probably seems a little daunting and confusing. It’s probable, however, that you have been thinking about and envisioning your ideal home for some time and have some unique […]

How to Replicate the Beauty of a Model Home

Have you done a walk-through of a model home and found yourself gleaming at every corner? Model homes tend to get plenty of admirable looks and homeowners become inspired to switch up the overall interior look of their homes. If you have this dream of an aesthetic home, why not make it come to life? […]

Far East of El Paso: The Move of Your Life

The west and the central regions of El Paso tend to be some of the most populated throughout the city. This shouldn’t worry you from finding the home of your dreams, though. El Paso is a city growing with more people and businesses and because of that, a plethora of the loveliest homes are being […]

Palo Verde Homes: Where we Build and Why these Are Great Communities

Beautiful, functional, and elegant homes are few and far between.  Palo Verde Homes builds throughout the El Paso region but is concentrated in three main areas including Horizon City, Santa Teresa, and the City of El Paso. Each of these offers a different environment, but each one has its own characteristics and benefits. Within El […]

The Emergence of Luxury Homes and What Defines Them

The term luxury can have multiple meanings, but in real estate, the term often refers to a home that possesses certain features, amenities, or architectural characteristics. Luxury homes have become quite popular in recent years, as people look for entrancing curb appeal and spellbinding homes that stand out from the rest. Palo Verde Homes and […]